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If you’re looking for the smartest home appliances on the planet you don’t have to look any further than LG Electronics. LGE, the number one manufacturer of air conditioning systems in the world, has made a serious investment in creating their “Living Network System” of appliances. This system is designed to transform appliances from machines with simple mechanical functions like washing, heating food or keeping things cool to intelligent appliances capable of making independent operating decisions to optimize the function while minimizing the amount of energy required.

Already the leading brand in over 20 countries, LG has introduced this high tech line to the United States to attract consumers like you that value real performance, convenience of operation and energy efficiency. Without question LG is the most popular brand of digital appliances in the American market.

So just what is this Living Network System and what makes it so special?

When’s the last time you saw a refrigerator that you could send an email from? How about a microwave oven that could download a recipe, then automatically set the cooking instructions for the dish, and then connect with an online merchant and place an order for groceries. Or a washer that didn’t rely on factory settings but downloaded specific instructions for the type of load and determined precisely how much water and detergent were needed for optimum cleaning.

A Box With A Brain?

All of these appliances are embedded with an internet connection and the ultimate goal is to give busy consumers like your self a virtual “kitchen assistant.” Not only does life become simpler but the everyday kitchen and laundry tasks are performed perfectly and use far less energy.

But you really have to check out the most popular of their high tech appliances the Internet Turbo Drum Washer. Not only can this appliance download specific washing instructions for specific kinds of clothing, but its unique drum design reduces vibration and noise as well as making it easier to load and unload.

But the big savings come as a result of its intelligent, internet driven operation. The Turbo drum uses 30% less water and 25% less electricity than a conventional washer while increasing washing performance by 34%. That’s performance and energy efficiency that you can really appreciate.

LG Electronics is driven by innovation. They are a big name brand in other electronic devices and they are taking the same cutting edge approach to build out their home appliance line. With $3.8 billion in global sales the company has the resources to invest in the research and development required to bring you the absolute best in home appliances.

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